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New Study Unveils the Ultimate US Destination for Street Art Lovers

A recent study by Casino Betway has identified Los Angeles as the number one city in the United States for street art enthusiasts. With its vibrant cultural scene, L.A. stands out as an open-air museum, filled with stunning murals and eye-catching graffiti. Let's dive into the findings and explore why Los Angeles is the ultimate destination for street art lovers.

Criteria Analyzed

The study examined 132 cities worldwide using several metrics to determine the street art hotspots. Here are the key criteria considered:

  • Number of street art murals
  • Amount of Instagram posts
  • Amount of TikTok posts
  • Articles with city and street art mentioned
  • Engagement with articles (likes, comments, and shares)
  • Overall yearly Google searches


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The Reigning Champion: Los Angeles

According to the study, Los Angeles leads the nation with the highest number of street art murals, boasting an impressive 2,272 murals. The city also excels in digital engagement, with 222,486 Instagram posts related to street art, far exceeding other major U.S. cities.

Top US Cities for Street Art

Here are the top U.S. cities recognized for their remarkable street art scenes:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Chicago
  3. New York
  4. Miami
  5. San Francisco

Global Street Art Hotspots

Los Angeles didn't just top the U.S. charts; it also ranks high globally. The city was placed fifth in the world, outranking New York City. The global top five are as follows:

  1. Paris
  2. London
  3. Melbourne
  4. Berlin
  5. Los Angeles
  6. New York City

Top Metrics for Street Art Enthusiasts

  • 🖼️ Number of Murals: 2,272 in L.A.
  • 📸 Instagram Engagement: 222,486 Posts in L.A.
  • 🌍 Global Ranking: L.A. at #5
  • 🏆 US Ranking: L.A. at #1
  • 📈 Digital Engagement: High in both L.A. and NYC

The comprehensive study sheds light on why Los Angeles is a must-visit for street art lovers. L.A.'s unique combination of volume, engagement, and global ranking positions it as the ultimate destination for experiencing vibrant and dynamic street art.

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